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I’m being stalked by sparkly shoes! 8th Feb 2013

Just before Christmas, I searched online for some sparkly black shoes, to complete an outfit for the party season. I found a pair, ordered them and have since tottered around on their high heels two or three times. Now, whenever I go searching and researching on the internet, as I tend to do just about […]

Is Direct Mail Cinema to the Internet’s TV? 7th Sep 2011

The resurgence of direct mail is a hot topic at the moment. Can it fight off the digital onslaught and not only survive but become stronger and better? Decades ago, TV was supposedly the death knell for cinema, yet both have evolved and continue to exist. Cinema offers a more intense experience: it requires a […]

Why do people not get Venice? 3rd Feb 2010

For me, Venice shimmers, glistens and captivates. Some, though, find it grimy, decaying and false. Namibia, apparently, can have the same effect – if you love wilderness and emptiness, then its the place for you, but if you like to meet people and enjoy nightlife, then look elsewhere. Such extremes are why I love segmentation […]

Use what you have marketing 1st Dec 2008

A few years ago on a trip to the States, I bought an interior design book called ‘Use what you have decorating’. The premise – as is fairly clear from the title – is to focus on improving the way your house looks by re-using and rearranging things you already own, rather than splashing out […]

If you don’t ask, you don’t get 12th Jan 2008

At fraoch marketing we focus on helping organisations to understand their customers better and to build stronger relationships with them. With increasingly sophisticated and cost-efficient techniques for personalisation, both online and offline, there are more opportunities than ever to do this well. But to personalise you need to know something about the individual you are […]

Creative difference 31st Jul 2006

So much of my focus as a planner is at the start of the communications process: is the consumer insight right? Is the brief right? Is the concept right? Is the targeting right? How will we know if it is successful? But the actual execution of the piece – especially a personalised mailing – can […]

Heather's high horse 29th Jan 2006

download I’ll Be Home for Christmas I’m planning to have a bit of fun with this. Every now and again I will comment on something I’ve seen, received or experienced. Chances are, it will be quite opinionated, hence the title. Last week I received a simply addressed letter. I mean really simply addressed – my […]