If you don’t ask, you don’t get 12th Jan 2008

At fraoch marketing we focus on helping organisations to understand their customers better and to build stronger relationships with them. With increasingly sophisticated and cost-efficient techniques for personalisation, both online and offline, there are more opportunities than ever to do this well. But to personalise you need to know something about the individual you are talking to – who they are, where they are and what they are interested in, for example.

The above must sound really obvious to anyone in marketing. So why is it becoming more and more common that organisations only ask for email address at point of data-capture? It tells you so little – if they are called ‘Chris’ you don’t even know if they are male or female! Transparency builds trust, so asking a few more key questions at this point will get the relationship off to a good start for both parties. The individual will know what information they have provided, in the expectation that the organisation will then send them timely and relevant communications in future. The organisation benefits because it has data to help it to understand its customers better, and information around which to build future marketing communications programmes.

OK, some individuals may choose not to provide the additional information, or may duck out of the process altogether. But I bet you that they are the ones who are more interested in the sign-up incentive and less interested in the organisation’s products or services!

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